Friday, August 31, 2018


Do you really put the needs of others first? That is the question I have been pondering......I want to help people in a capacity of a Christian. Feed My Sheep this implies food spiritual and physical. Am I a Christian or a fast food worker or a clergy man, Or something entirely Different. In regard to the Law am I a Lawyer, a Judge, Or Policeman, or am I a doer of the law obedient and blameless In Christ? Am I a subject of a man or the slave of GOD.....If I love a person do I simply tell them or do Show them.....or do I just say the words and not mean them.....Love Is Long suffering Kind Gentle not quick to anger......Do you when you rebuke a man also tell him how it is to fix his issue do you help merely with words or also with deeds? do you stay and help till it is completely fixed or to you do the minimum and walk away leaving him to fix it him you teach him to fish or hand him the raw fish and say eat? Lets say you are a sojourner in a another country unaware of its many laws and rules are you then immediately guilty upon entering the land worthy of death? A Law enforcer finds you in a minor infraction and slaps on the cuffs....and you become a prisoner of a law you did not even Know you day a man comes and says set him free he belongs to me....and strait away you are loosed....yet the man just walks away and says don't do it again or does he teach you the laws of the land? Or does he make sale of you and sells you to another man as a slave.....Or does he Wash you give you clean new clothes and teach you the laws put a ring on your finger and make you his top official and say go do as I did for you?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018